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2022 Top Graphic Design Software

The journey towards finding the perfect solution can be tough, as there are many graphic design software out there claiming to be the best. In a parallel universe, you might find tools that are all best and simply perfect. But, in the real world, perfection is a myth and the fast-paced development of new technologies means you will always find something that’s better. More powerful and plentiful choices make your final pick difficult.

Don’t fret yet. I have done the hard work for you by trying all popular and some under-appreciated graphic design tools. By narrowing down the list to 11 top graphic design software, I hope to help you find the right solution for your designing requirements.

Top 12 Best Graphic Design Software of 2022 (Free & Paid)

  1. Adobe Photoshop (Get discount
  2. Adobe Illustrator (Get discount)
  3. Adobe InDesign (Get discount)
  4. CorelDraw
  5. Sketch
  6. GIMP
  7. Affinity Designer
  8. Gravit Designer
  9. Canva (Get 30 days free)
  10. Infinite Design
  11. Inkscape

At the bottom of this article is a full list of all the best graphic software choices.

What is the best graphic design software? Comparison Table

Adobe Photoshop is most renowned photo editing software which comes as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. For graphic designers Photoshop is like one of the synonymous of photo editing.

However, see our comparison table below to see what is the best graphic design software and the best graphic design apps for your needs.

TemplatesPlatformCollaboration ToolsPricing
Adobe Photoshop
(Get discount)
YESWindows, macOSYESFree 7 Day Trial / US $31.49/mo
Adobe Illustrator
(Get discount)
YESWindows, macOSYESFree 7 Day Trial / US $31.49/mo
Adobe InDesign
(Get discount)
YESWindows, macOSYESFree 7 Day Trial / US $31.49/mo
CorelDrawYESWindows, macOSYESUS $249/year
Sketch YESmacOSYESUS $9 per editor/monthly
GIMPYESWindows, macOS, LinuxNOFREE
Affinity DesignerYESWindows, macOSYESUS $60.54 for Windows and Mac
US $24.21 for iPad
Gravit DesignerYESWindows,  macOS,  LinuxYESUS $49.00/Year for PRO
CanvaYESBrowser, iOS, AndroidYESFree 30 Day Trial / US $ 119.99/year for PRO
Infinite DesignNOAndroid, iOSNOFREE
InkscapeNOWindows, macOS, LinuxYESFREE

Our Selection Criteria for the Best Graphic Design Software

To help you choose the best graphic design software, I have compiled a list of some great applications for graphic designers that are sure to give wings to your designing efforts. The selection criteria I followed to identify the best tools are:

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